Connectivity, a major factor for luxury buyers

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Mobility as a part of design, within and outside luxury projects is a key factor to the experience, say industry experts.

A great location, wonderful view with lush green surroundings, connected to the city by the highway, flyover and maybe even the toll road. This is what most of the luxury buyers look for and also what developers offer. Except that the last kilometer access to the complex is often a bad, pothole-ridden and frequently traffic-jammed road.

As most development in Bangalore is happening in the outskirts and not in a planned and coordinated manner, this is the state of affairs of several luxury projects in the city.

Take the case of M N Nandagopan, a senior IT professional living in an up-market complex in JP Nagar 8 Phase, off Bannerghatta Road. The amenities within the complex are truly impressive. It is set amidst 34 acres of verdant splendour, with vast areas open to nature with two-level car parking, the classic clubhouse and an exotic swimming pool.

The only catch for the residents is the last two kilometers of the access road.

“Although we have access to Bannergatta Road, reaching it takes us almost 60 per cent of our travel time,” says Nandagopan. “The road was dug up to lay water pipes sometime ago. Although it was later re-laid, but it has not been done up well. As a result, now there are a lot of potholes and even craters on several parts of this road. There are some stretches that show signs of the road caving in. As this is the only road for several projects, the traffic is slow moving and jams are frequent.’’

Experts believe ‘mobility as a part of design’ is a concept that has not yet caught on fully in the city.

“Uneven pavements, garbage and bad roads outside luxury and Uber luxury projects, is something that we in Bangalore are beginning to notice enough to take action, only now,” says Ananth K Nayak, Group CFO, Total Biodiversity Development India Ltd. “And we are doing so because, inside the complexes we are noticing cleanliness, excellent planning and maintenance.”

“It is a known fact that when the surrounding infrastructure is good, property values go up,” says Anjali Mahendra, strategy head, Research & Practice, EMBARQ India, an organisation that works with developers in sustainable mobility in new constructions in Bangalore.


Thus, several developers in the luxury segment have taken the initiative to address this issue.

“For us valuation is primarily based on location…location and location,” says Yash Joshi, managing director – Management, RMZ Corp. “Convenience and access in addition to design, finish, amenities and facilities are important parameters to any individual in perceiving the property to be in the luxury segment or otherwise.

Ideally, developers of marquee projects identify land which has easy accessibility and is relatively close to good roads. In the absence of such location, it makes prudent business sense to maintain last mile connectivity making it a breeze to access and keep it free of congestion.’’

Source: Times of India

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